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Trouble Writing? Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Sometimes it seems that the “Whole Writer” becomes the “No Writer” when other things in your life get in the way, preventing you from making progress on your creative writing. Even the most determined, well-disciplined writers have times when their writing takes a back seat to other projects.

Don’t beat yourself up like I tend to do.

I haven’t written anything on my book for two weeks. This is when the negative self-talk begins:

  • Well, I’m not really a writer. I’m just doing it for fun. 
  • Who really cares if I write a book anyway?
  • My writing isn’t very good. I’ll probably never get a publisher.

We’ve all been here. So, what do we do? First, recognize and admit what’s going on. Then, counsel yourself, telling yourself that you’ll soon get back on track.

When you simply can’t dredge up any self-confidence, that’s when you go to a meeting (as they say in support groups). Get yourself to a writing group or workshop or event. Hang out with other writers who are excited about their work and are interested in yours. That’s the best medicine for inspiration and motivation. There are writing groups all over Northwest Arkansas and Southwest Missouri. You probably have a favorite.

You haven’t written for two weeks? So what? Go to a meeting. Get back on schedule.

Indulge yourself. Get lost with your characters again as the summer comes to a close.