Past Events

The Golden Trilogy

October 5, 2013

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Garden Bistro, North Main, Eureka Springs

Pamela Foster’s workshop, The Golden Trilogy, teaches the art of weaving sense of place with point of view and internalization.   

The author believes that when, as writers, we braid these three components seamlessly together, we drop our readers into our stories and allow them to experience the world we invent and to inhabit our characters. PamelaFoster

The workshop includes a series of presentations and examples, as well as writing exercises and critiques.  Foster will share with you her method for building a sense of place that encompasses all five senses, as well as the memories and the expectations of the point of view character. 

The author’s style is supportive and encouraging and she mixes a goodly portion of humor into her teaching.  Her goal is for each writer to leave this workshop with fresh ideas and with an extra spark of motivation to write the stories only they can create.  Foster has two published contemporary novels, a book of essays, a humorous non-fiction book, and has recently signed a contract for three additional novels.