Memoir Success Online Summit

Welcome to our Memoir Success Online Summit!

We are proud to present this line-up of talented speakers and writers. It is our greatest wish that you grow as a writer through the efforts of these excellent presenters.

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This is where we can discuss the presentations and post questions, as well as get to know other memoir writers.

Enjoy the presentations below!


Ruth Wariner

Ruth Wariner: Family and Religion—Two Scary Topics

Ruth Wariner’s memoir, The Sound of Gravel, details her escape at fifteen, with her brother and three younger sisters, from a polygamist cult in Mexico of which her father had been the leader. The book was an instant New York Times Best Seller and was called a “bracing, unforgettable story of survival” by Entertainment Weekly. Ruth will join us to discuss the difficulties of writing about these two emotionally-charged topics and why you should.

Tracy Strauss: Telling Your #MeToo Story

It’s vitally important for writers to write and publish #MeToo memoirs. But what are the psychological challenges? What are the technical challenges? What writing techniques can help you portray a #MeToo scene? What should you keep in mind about your audience and about approaching publishers? What can you expect when you publically share your story?

Rachael Herron: It Doesn’t Take as Long as You Think

Rachael HerronRachael Herron, author of Fast Draft Your Memoir in 45 Hours and A Life in Stitches, will prove to you that you DO have time to tell your story. She’ll also show you how to figure out what that story is and how to find the best spine for it. No more excuses!


Marion Roach Smith

Marion Roach Smith: Thoughts on Your Story, Beginning to End

Marion Roach Smith, who has taught the craft of memoir to thousands of students both in university classes and online will show you what to consider before beginning your story. She will also examine some special challenges of writing about trauma and tell you what to do if you still don’t have a happy ending.

Allison K Williams

Allison K. Williams: Other Ways to Tell Your Story

Allison K. Williams, who teaches workshops on blogging and essays and who has her own podcast, will show you how to tell your story through these short forms. Even if a book is not your thing—or not your thing, yet—Allison will show you how to get your voice out there and how to build a readership for your story.

Renee C Fountain

Renée C. FountainPublishing Your Story — What New York wants you to Know

Renée Fountain, President of GH Literary, will discuss the potential for memoir, the things to avoid, and what New York is looking for. And as a literary agent seeking memoir, she’ll tell you what she is looking for.

Dan Blank

Dan Blank: It’s Never Too Soon to Build Your Audience

Beyond a “platform,” you want an authentic connection with readers. What are some ways you can begin to build that relationship long before your book comes out? Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia will show you how such connections can become the most satisfying part of your writing career.