Tracy Strauss: Telling Your #MeToo Story

It’s vitally important for writers to write and publish #MeToo memoirs. But what are the psychological challenges? What are the technical challenges? What writing techniques can help you portray a #MeToo scene? What should you keep in mind about your audience and about approaching publishers? What can you expect when you publically share your story?

Tracy Strauss, who has published essays on writing #MeToo in Poets and Writers Magazine as well as Ms. Magazine, and whose own #MeToo story is forthcoming from Skyhorse Press, will guide you through this difficult topic with her courage and wit. You, too, can write for healing, for change, for empowerment.

Tracy Strauss
Winner of the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund Award for nonfiction, Tracy Strauss is currently a writing, literature, and film professor at The New England Conservatory. She previously served as faculty at Boston University, Emerson College, and Boston College. Her article, “#MeToo: Crafting Our Most Difficult True Stories,” is a current feature in the September/October 2018 issue of Poets & Writers Magazine. Tracy’s debut #MeToo-themed self-help/relationships cum memoir, I Just Haven’t Met You Yet, will be released by Skyhorse Publications in May 2019.

You can find Tracy in the following places:
Her book: I Just Haven’t Met You Yet (coming May 2019)