Hentai, or Japanese anime, is considered as porn parlor when in truth, it is not. Hentai is merely a pathetic attempt at pornography? Absolutely NO! Also, Anime-Hentai wasn’t an attempt to create pornographic animation in the first place; Hentai is simply a genre of Japanese animation. Furthermore, its something that do have a significant amount of historical background, and has a lot of artistic background as well.

Anime, in particular, is considered a sub-genre of Hentai because it focuses more on the visual depiction rather than the narrative. Hentai has evolved into an image of low production value, cartoonish, and often times, extremely erotic literature that is often times only touched upon with aesthetically satisfying flourishes such as “hanging from a tree”, “rubbing one’s own body” and “posing while having sex”. Because of this, many manga artists have chosen to depict it as Hentai instead of an animated form like an anime does. This has given rise to some highly creative and erotic manga artists who have created their own erotic manga series based around the hentai genre.

In conclusion, Hentai does not equal to pornography in terms of depiction because Hentai is typically an animated genre and not focused on the depiction of eroticism. Furthermore, the term hentai was never associated with anime even before the birth of the anime franchise itself. It simply stands for “Japanese cartoon porn”, which is only descriptive of this particular type of erotic literature. In summary, hentai, while originally a Japanese term, now refers to any erotic Japanese manga and anime that involve real women. Helpful examples of hentai anime include Lucky Star Girl Hentai by Tomoko Ninomiya, Grown Ups Hentai by Akinatoraman, and My Girlfriend Hentai by A-ko.