Latam gaming predictions15

In terms of absolute growth, only Brazil is predicted to lead the way in Latam in video game sales. Other major markets, however, are also expected to rebound, and some experts are pointing to mobile games as the future of the gaming industry. As long as the economic situation in key markets remains stable, video game sales are expected to recover and new products will emerge. Although many factors can influence the trajectory of the market, the following are the main players that are likely to affect the market.

The rapid growth of mobile internet in LATAM is a driving factor behind the growth of gaming in the region. According to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report, more than 3 billion people in the region will be in contact with some kind of game by 2021. This means that by 2021, LATAM will surpass the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa as the fastest growing regions for gaming. At the same time, other regions, such as Europe, are projected to shrink in terms of growth.

In the United States, the market for mobile games is expected to grow significantly in the next few years, with smartphone usage rising at a faster rate than in other regions. In LATAM, the number of gamers will increase due to increased internet access and social distancing guidelines. The mobile gaming sector will grow at a 10.5% CAGR during the period 2021-2026. So, it’s clear that LATAM is the future of gaming.