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Author: Rebecca Mahoney

Why yes, you may end with a preposition

Here’s a question I get asked quite often as a grammar guru: Can you end a sentence in a preposition? Yes, dear readers. Yes, you can. Not ending a sentence in a preposition (about, off, at, too, by, etc) is

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Three Essential Grammar Texts For Any Writer

Sometimes, grammar is downright confounding. All those rules. All those exceptions. Most of us are fuzzy on at least some details. So where can you turn if you’re in need of a definitive grammar source? The answer, my friend, is

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Everything’s All Right (But Not Alright)

Here’s a short and sweet grammar lesson this week, tackling one of the more common errors I see in writing: the word alright. Alright, also known as the one-word version of all right—is a word that is nearly guaranteed to

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Language from Across the Pond

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend in the manuscripts I’m editing: a little British spelling here and there. First came “amongst,” and then “towards,” and then three separate writers apparently preferred “grey” to “gray.” Maybe it’s an homage to Downtown Abbey?

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Chasing the Grammar Ghost

My sister gave me a fantastic present for my birthday last month: A T-shirt that says, “I hope I can still correct people’s grammar when I’m a ghost.” I laughed, and then asked her where she found such a thing.

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