The Sustainable Writing Practice: To Be a Better Writer, Understand Yourself

Three writing instructors and coaches share their thoughts on how you can get serious about living a writing life. When you purchase this workshop series, you will immediately receive access to the recordings of all three sessions outlined below. This is more than two hours of presentations.

Session 1: Find Your Why
Alison Taylor-Brown, writer and Director of the Village Writing School, will reveal the two core reasons why people write and the issues inherent in each. Her material is based on discussions from her MFA program involving scores of writing students and faculty. Once you understand your WHY, your HOW will be easier. This recording will serve as an introduction to the other sessions.

Session 2: Space, Time, and Magic: The Writer’s Process
Is your muse hovering on the sidelines, not sure where or when to show up? Can you summon her with a room, a routine, or a ritual? In this exploration of the writing process, writing coach, author, and teacher Cynthia Morris will lead you on a personal journey to discover what you need to create a sustainable, productive writing practice. Cross the threshold into the writing life!

Session 3 Procrastination is Not the Problem
Is procrastination the cause for our creative delays, or is it just a symptom? Writer, teacher, and researcher Lynn Dickinson will show you how procrastination is, in fact, your mind attempting to protect you. It’s a self-defense mechanism against deeper, underlying issues. Once we resolve the deeper issues, the procrastination no longer serves us, at which point, it’s easy to move beyond and start writing. Based on months of research, Procrastination is Not the Problem will help you slay your dragons once and for all.

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About the instructors
Alison Taylor-Brown is the founder and director of The Village Writing School, a 501c3 nonprofit. The school is an independent creative writing program, located in beautiful northwest Arkansas. Its mission is to help writers tell their stories in a more readable, publishable way. She holds an MFA in fiction and once sold a novel about her great-grandfather to Simon and Schuster. In addition to teaching at various universities, she started a literacy council and an ESL school; started, grew and sold her own company; worked in global aid and education; and served on various foundations. She lives in a medieval town in Italy and is working on a novel about the 14th-century writer Boccaccio. She teaches her own writing program online entitled: Everything You need to Write a Beautiful Story.

Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs make their big dreams a powerful reality. Cynthia is a certified coach, teacher, author and artist. In 1999, she founded Original Impulse, a boutique coaching company that helps people become the writers they’ve always wanted to be. The author of the upcoming The Busy Woman’s Guide to Writing a World-Changing Book, Cynthia has also published seven e-books on writing and creative travel as well as the Paris historical novel, Chasing Sylvia Beach. Get inspiration for your writer’s life at .

Lynn Dickinson holds Master’s Degrees in Professional Writing, Communications Management, (both from USC), and Spiritual Psychology (from the University of Santa Monica). She teaches Media Studies at Santa Monica College, and has had both nonfiction, (Living Well in a Nursing Home, Everything You and Your Folks Need to Know), and fiction, (Brother Haters Anonymous), books published, along with multiple screenplay options. Her interests include comedy, spirituality, and Getting Writers Writing! Lynn currently resides in Santa Monica California with her husband, her mostly-off-at-college daughter, two affectionate-when-they’re-hungry cats, and a ridiculous dog. Twitter: @LifesizeLD