Student Comments


What a delight! I was looking forward to this workshop – little did I know how profoundly this day would affect me. Part craft, part self-realization. The day was filled with surprises.

Catherine Ann Jones had a delightful manner. Her presentation was clear, direct, and profound. She opened a whole new way of looking at writing beyond craft, beyond exercise.

I have greatly enjoyed this workshop.  I learned some new things and was blessed to meet some wonderful people and writers!  I will leave with a renewed sense of energy and purpose that I will direct towards my writing.  Thank you SO much! — Jill C.

This was, again, excellent.  So superb to have your expertise so close at hand here in Eureka Springs.  We appreciate your skillful presentations of much info in digestible chunks in a day-long workshop.  I look forward to attending more!  Thanks!! — Linda H.

Excellent session!  Well-organized.  Knowledgeable presenters, generous with time and expertise.  Definitely worth my time and energy.  I sense my “writing sense” awakening.  Thank you both.  — Brent W.

I found the time spent with Alison Taylor-Brown informative–just what i needed to get focused and moving forward. Alison helped me to understand that what I wish to do is called a literary memoir. She spelled out a flexible operation of helping me go from unknown writer, through the writing process, the critiques, the editing, and the overall picture, the emphasis on what is and is not salable. — Elizabeth W.

I attended the writing gathering last Saturday and am enthusiastic about the plans. Alison seems to be an excellent leader. The organization and execution of the Saturday sessions could not have been any better. — Alice F.

I found the one-on-one session in the afternoon with Alison very helpful, and I started analyzing the structure of a mystery that I just finished reading, one of Alison’s suggestions.

Thanks so much for starting this program. — Steve C.

Alison and Mike were both helpful and very encouraging. I am a fiction and poetry writer. I not only wanted opinions concerning my work, but also direction about the process of seeking publication.  It was well organized, and they had much good information to share. — Kay S.