Strong Women

Strong Women

Sanderia Faye
Sanderia Faye
Diane Les Becquets
Diane Les Becquets

Literary Luncheon

May 14th, 2016

11:00am to 2:00pm




Strong Women

Have Lunch with these Strong Women Authors.

Here’s your opportunity to ask two acclaimed authors anything about writing and publishing. Each author will speak and take questions, and they will spend time at every table during lunch.

Diane les Becquets’ novel Breaking Wild features two strong women surviving physical and emotional hardships in the Colorado wilderness.

breaking wild
Breaking Wild

“This is a powerful story of survival, wilderness field craft, and fractured relationships packed into a suspenseful plot with more than a few surprises….After three young adult novels, Les Becquets scores big with this very adult thriller about two women facing life and death challenges in western Colorado’s rugged wilderness.”
Publishers Weekly

“In Les Becquets’ crisp, immersive novel…she chronicles the harsh beauty of wintertime in the mountains while reminding us that people aren’t puzzles to be solved; they are fierce works in progress.”
— Isabella Biedenharn, Entertainment Weekly

You can find out more information on her website here including an NPR interview.


Sanderia Faye’s novel is about a young girl growing up strong during the Civil Rights struggles in southern Arkansas.

mourner's bench
Mourner’s Bench

“Mourner’s Bench should be mandatory reading for those seeking understanding of this part of the civil rights struggle. Sanderia’s deft touch in creating her characters makes her novel accessible to wide audiences on multiple levels. ...Surely Mourner’swill become a classic selection for higher education.” —Dr. April Burris

“Mourner’s Bench rings historically and emotionally true… The participants of the freedom struggle Faye describes are not one-dimensional heroes but rather multifaceted human beings who are forced to balance their activism alongside the challenges of family life and obligations. … This compelling novel will appeal to literary enthusiasts and history buffs alike.”
—Jennifer Jensen Wallach

Sanderia’s website has more about her book and about her life.


To keep the luncheon personal and make sure everyone has time with the authors, seating is limited.

A $50 donation will secure your invitation. All proceeds go to support the writing programs of the VIllage Writing School.

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