Let’s Find YOUR Best Writing Routine

Thursday, Nov 2, 2017

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Let’s Find YOUR Best Writing Routine

This is our first ever phone workshop! You simply call in at the right time, and join our workshop from the comfort of our home. You can just listen in or ask questions as well.

Our first call-in discussion will focus on finding the writing routine that is right for YOU.

Writers often make assumptions about what a perfect writing routine should look like as far as scheduled time to write and a dedicated space. But they are often mistaken about just what their own individual needs are.

In this discussion, we will look at a variety of ways you can carve out writing time and space and challenge ourselves to think outside our preconceptions of what we have to have to be consistently creative.

We will look at the spaces and schedules of many successful writers and see the great variety of options that actually work.

This first call is free as we design our system. Future calls will be at a small fee, all proceeds to the Village Writing School.

Settle into a creative fall and winter with some new ideas from this workshop.

About the instructor
Alison Taylor-Brown is the Director of Village Writing School. She has an MBA from the University of Mississippi, an MFA in Fiction from the University of Southern New Hampshire, and a lifetime of teaching experience.

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Cost Per Person FREE

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