Write Like An Actor: Acting Tools for Writers

Saturday, Oct 5, 2019

Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Write Like An Actor: Acting Tools for Writers

Writers and actors are different: solitary introverts versus extroverted performers. Right?

This class will show you—the writer—that acting and writing are not so different after all. Actors and writers both spend their lives dreaming of fantasy worlds, inhabiting other people, and playing pretend as adults. Actors and writers both care—deeply—about imaginary worlds and exploring the truth of the human condition.

By studying the craft of acting, writers can learn to write better dialogue, get in touch with their characters’ emotions and motivations, develop strong points of view, and choose character details that are specific and important. Acting can help any writer live more fully inside the messy truth of human relationships and make imaginary people come to life. Participants will leave this class with a new, unique box of tools that will help them take their writing to the next level.

Participants will learn about the craft of acting in a safe, writer-friendly environment. No need to fear getting up on stage to perform. The class is taught by a writer and introvert who will introduce you to a range of acting techniques and tools in an introvert-friendly way. (No getting up on stage and pretending to be a tree, unless you are just dying to do that, in which case I won’t stop you). Join this class for an introduction to the world of acting that will change your writing forever.

Join live on October 5 at Noon Central Time. Recording also available.

About the instructor
Stephanie Storey is a best-selling art historical novelist and is currently writing a book, Acting for Writers, with renowned Hollywood acting coach, Fran Montano.

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