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Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

We can always use shortcuts to save time online. Start the new year learning some helpful computer tips for a more productive year ahead. 


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This app is a wonderful way to preserve stories of aging family members or keep an amazing memory alive.

And it’s free! 

StorycorpsStoryCorps interviewers swipe through pre-prepared questions at their own speed, passing the phone back and forth between questions and answers to ensure a high-quality recording. When finished, users snap a photo, then email the content to the interviewee, or post excerpts to social media.

Tap “Publish Interview,” and the dialogue will be automatically uploaded to the StoryCorps website and the Library of Congress for safekeeping.

For more information, watch this YouTube Video 
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Packing Pro
Traveling Soon?
Have you ever arrived at your destination and realized your forgot to pack underwear? Or worse, your favorite book?0899961f-1e87-4332-b7f7-bde0e5c605acThat won’t happen with the Packing Pro App!

You tell it where you are going, for how long and who you’re traveling with. It creates your list of must-haves and also reminders. Purchase this App from iTunes


Hemingway Editor 2 
The Hemingway Editor 2 is a proofreading tool and app that highlights common problems that can get in the way of clear writing.
This desktop app is only $9.99, and I have found it well worth the cost. You can try before you buy.

    To Purchase for
Mac and PC





Your Ears are Great Tools

In literally just a minute, you can find a podcast or video about something you are writing about.Listen while you drive, get ready in the morning, or go for your walk. Anytime, anywhere.

Podcast & Videos

Listening to talks about your current writing topic can help you to get unstuck, inspire you and provide valuable information to move your writing forward.

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List For Writers

Feel like you have writer’s block? Are you stuck on one detail in your story? Wish there was an app to make NaNoWriMo a little easier? Lists for Writers is here to help!

screen322x572This fabulous app has thousands of ideas for your writing with a long list of categories and descriptions to make your project even better!

Download the app by Thinkamingo below.

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