Historical Fiction Online Summit!

Welcome to the Historical Fiction Online Summit!

We are proud to present this line-up of talented speakers and writers. It is our greatest wish that you grow as a writer through the efforts of these excellent presenters.

To watch the presentations, just click on the titles below. You will have to enter the password summit2018 to access each session.

Our Facebook Group of this summit is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/historicalfictionsummit/. This is where we can discuss the presentations and post questions, as well as get to know other historical writers.

Amaryah OrensteinQuery Letter Critiques with Literary Agent Amaryah Orenstein
In this bonus session literary agent Amaryah Orenstein critiques query letters submitted by conference attendees.

Lauren WilligLauren: Willig: Historical Sub-Genres
“Historical fiction” is a very broad category, as the books of our speakers demonstrate. NYTBS author Lauren Willig will discuss writing between genres (historical romance, historical mystery, historical women’s fiction, historical fantasy), and the ramifications for both craft and marketing. How do you balance the various elements and how do these categories impact branding, career development, and building your readership?

Irene Goodman
Irene Goodman: Make Your Novel Stand Out From the Crowd
Irene Goodman has sold over 1500 books and counting. Her clients are regulars on the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and Bookscan bestseller lists. In her talk, she discusses the market for historical fiction, issues an important warning of what NOT to do, and tells you how you can make your book stand out from the crowd.

Heather WebbHeather Webb: There’s More than One Way to Skin a Category: Writing Historical Fiction in a Variety of Formats
There are many ways to approach your historical story. Heather Webb, whose works include two biographical novels, a retelling of a popular story, a short story as part of a larger collection, and also an all-fictional cast in a historical setting, will open your eyes to possibilities you may not have considered.

Amaryah OrensteinAmaryah Orenstein: What Literary Agents Want to See (or Not) in Historical Fiction
What marketing concerns are unique to historical fiction? What about historical books that cross genres (modern and historical, fantasy and historical, etc.)? Amaryah Orenstein of GOLiterary will show you the potential for—and the possible pitfalls facing—your historical story.

Stephanie StoreyStephanie Storey: Showing the History Without Giving a Lecture
The biggest challenge of the historical novelist is how to educate readers on the complex aspects of the historical period. Yet, a narrative lecture has killed many a novel. Stephanie Storey, who faced the challenge of conveying both historical and art information in her novel, Oil and Marble, will share a variety of techniques to slip that history in without weighing down the story.

Pamela TolerPamela Toler: Research Techniques for the Non-Historian
Authenticity is the life blood of the historical novel. Don’t have your characters eat bread and cheese when they can have a rosewater cookie. Pamela Toler will show you how to find the details that transport readers into the vibrant world of your story.

Dan BlankDan Blank: It’s Never Too Soon to Build Your Audience
Beyond a “platform,” you want an authentic connection with readers. What are some ways you can begin to build that relationship long before your book comes out? Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia will show you how such connections can become the most satisfying part of your writing career.

Crystal KingCrystal King: Are you Mired in the Middle?
With so much information to present, a sagging middle is a frequent problem in historical fiction. What can you do to keep the middle compelling?


Anjali Mitter DuvaAnjali Mitter Duva: Race, Religion, and Cultural Norms of the Past for Today’s Audience
How can you truthfully present the racial, religious, and cultural relations of the past when the audience of today has a different perspective on these important and often emotional topics? Anjali Mitter Duva will give you guidelines, rules of thumb and things to consider when your story is set amid relationships of another time or place.