Eureka Springs Weekly Classes

Associate Director – MacKenzie Doss

Everything you need to know to write a beautiful story. 

Two 8-Week Courses

Mondays at 6 pm


April 20 – June 8     Creative Writing – Series 1

The First Page 

How to Begin • Asking the Right Questions • What is Voice? • Narrative Arc • Writing Rules to Live By 


13 Ways to Make Characters REAL • Narrative Urgency 

Dialogue and Setting

What to Say, How to Say It Setting, More than a Place  Setting, Friend or Foe? • The Four Elements to Research • How to Research

The Word and the Sentence

Diction Sound Device • The Sentence Figurative Language • Types of Phrases Style 

8-Week Series $99

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June 15 – August 3    Creative Writing – Series 2 

Subtext, High Events, Closing  

Below the Surface of Story, Plot, Context Implicit Narrative • Weaving the Dramatic & the Subtle • Two Mistakes with High Event • Endings can Culminate or Imply Continuation • Ending Literal or From Afar? 


From First Draft to Finished Manuscript in 15 Steps • Reviewing and Applying all the Writer’s Tools

8-Week Series $99

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Mackenzie Doss has a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. During her studies she interned at Black and White Publishing under the assistant editor while also editing for Edinburgh University’s student journal The Forum. HKenzieer undergraduate degree was in Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara with specializations in Literature of the Mind and Early Modern Studies.

She has participated in many workshops and has organized and hosted numerous open mic nights across Edinburgh City. Having spent several years within the writing community in Edinburgh, she is excited to be back in the United States to contribute to the universal creative process. After traveling through eleven countries on three continents, she wholeheartedly believes in the connective power of storytelling. Mackenzie also writes for the Eureka Springs Independent and Fun Guide. She currently teaches the Village Writing School curriculum in Rogers monthly; check out her upcoming workshops above.

Contact her at 213-281-0660 or


Each 8-week series includes: 16 hours of instruction, weekly assignments, in class critiquing and mentoring. 

$99 per series.


Comments on this workshop

Kenzie did a superb job of presenting the concepts and answering questions. She is a real pro!!

Enjoyed the presentation very much. Explanations clear and questions were answered completely. Examples given were appropriate. A wonderful day.

Kenzie is knowledgeable and interesting and I’m looking forward to more classes. Thanks!

In-depth material I haven’t heard anywhere else.

Great workshop. Learned lots, head full of new techniques and ideas. Thank you for coming to Rogers.

This was a great workshop to inspire and was done in a very encouraging manner. Kenzie is a smart lady.

This was a great course!

These workshops are really helping me with my writing.


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