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aliceAlice French, PhD, is a founding member of the Village Writing School and has been a co-editor of this newsletter since its inception. She has one published book about women and aging and has a novel in progress.

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Healthy Happy Writers

Don’t we all go to writing workshops to learn something that will improve our writing? That’s why I attended my first writing workshop with the Village Writing School back in 2012.

May I tell you about the side effects?

Certainly, my writing has improved as a result of four years of workshops at VWS, both in Eureka Springs and in Rogers.

But the primary benefit has been something that occurred gradually and has value beyond any essay or novel that I can write.

commI found a cherished social connection. VWS is like a home away from home for many writers. It’s a place to go when I don’t want to be alone. It’s a place to go when I need a hug. At VWS, I can always find a friend who’ll listen to my current writing problem and offer possible solutions.

VWS welcomes every new visitor, whether the person is a writer or a person is thinks they’d like to write. We have no requirements to be members of this community. What we offer, in addition to writing activities of all sorts, is a place of belonging. A place to make new friends.

*** The number one thing that keeps all people happy and healthy is being with other people. It helps us live longer. That’s a scientific fact, as far as I know ;-).


It’s guaranteed at VWS. We’re all smart and creative. Other than that, we are writers of all types—young, old, conservative, liberal, funny, serious, athletic, sedate, local residents and people from the larger region of NW Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. 

Come see for yourself.