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The Problem of Filtering Action

Read the following two passages and think about which of them offers a more direct expression of the action: “As Larry sat on the sofa reading the paper, he heard a car engine roar from the street outside, followed by

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What’s in a Name

Juliet tells Romeo that nothing’s in a name. “That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet,” she says. And even Hamlet seems dismissive in his “words, words, words.” But after this past week, I

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Primary Research: Balancing the Sought with the Serendipitious

Primary research: any type of research that you collect yourself through interviews and observations. Primary research is often undertaken after the writer has gained some insight through secondary research, (also known as desk research) which is basically what other people

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Why yes, you may end with a preposition

Here’s a question I get asked quite often as a grammar guru: Can you end a sentence in a preposition? Yes, dear readers. Yes, you can. Not ending a sentence in a preposition (about, off, at, too, by, etc) is

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Trouble Writing? Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Sometimes it seems that the “Whole Writer” becomes the “No Writer” when other things in your life get in the way, preventing you from making progress on your creative writing. Even the most determined, well-disciplined writers have times when their

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