The twofold mission of the Village Writing School is to help beginning and established writers develop their craft and to foster a vibrant literary community in the Northwest Arkansas region.


Literary Agent Summit

April, 2019

From April 25-29 2019 is the Village Writing School’s first Literary Agent Summit. This is an online summit that you can participate in wherever you are.

Featuring the following speakers:

  • Katharine Sands at Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency
  • Jennifer Grimaldi at Chalberg & Sussman
  • Madelyn Burt at Stonesong
  • Jennifer Unter at The Unter Agency
  • Laurie Chittenden at Tessler Literary Agency
  • Emily Keyes at Fuse Literary
  • Eric Myers at Myers Literary Management
  • Andy Ross at The Andy Ross Literary Agency
  • Amaryah Orenstein at GO Literary
  • Kelly Peterson at Rees Literary Agency
  • Lynnette Novak from The Seymour Agency
  • Leslie Zampetti from Dunham Literary, Inc.
  • Editor Nettie Finn from St. Martin’s Press
  • Editor Melissa Singer from Tor/Forge

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Writing for Kids & YA Readers

Saturday May 17, 2019
10am – 11am CT

Want to write for kids or YA but don’t know where to start? Agent Kevin O’Connor takes you through various kids’ book formats from boardbooks to YA, the formal parameters for each format, and how they address kids’ developmental needs. Get insight into how a bookstore is organized to know exactly how & where your book will be and how it will stack up against the competition.

Join live on May 17 at 10 a.m. Central Time. Recording also available.

Image Is Everything: Constructing Extraordinary Images in Prose

Saturday June 15, 2019
10am – 11am CT

Improve your writing by using imagery to enrich the visual detail in your stories. The best writers employ vivid (concrete), moving (dynamic), and convincing (persuasive) images in order to ground their readers in the fabric of their written world. In this workshop, we will examine a range of successful images and then use exercises to practice their construction so that we can then create them in our own work.

Join live on June 15 at 10 a.m. Central Time. Recording also available.

The Sustainable Writing Practice:
To Be a Better Writer, Understand Yourself

A three-part online workshop series.


Three writing instructors and coaches share their thoughts on how you can get serious about living a writing life. You will receive the recordings of all three sessions. You can also attend the online workshops live. Sessions include:

  • Find Your Why: consider the two core reasons why people write and the issues inherent in each.
  • Space, Time, and Magic: The Writer’s Process: discover what you need to create a sustainable, productive writing practice.
  • Procrastination is Not the Problem: move beyond procrastination and start writing.

Keep on Blogging

Saturday August 3, 2019
9am – 10am CT

Learn how to use a blog or newsletter to share your journey–literal and metaphorical–with your readers, even when you aren’t feeling the magic.

Join live on August 3 at 9 a.m. Central Time. Recording also available.

Write Like An Actor: Acting Tools for Writers

Saturday October 5, 2019
Noon – 1pm CT

This class will show you—the writer—that acting and writing are not so different after all. By studying the craft of acting, writers can learn to write better dialogue, get in touch with their characters’ emotions and motivations, develop strong points of view, and choose character details that are specific and important. Acting can help any writer live more fully inside the messy truth of human relationships and make imaginary people come to life. Participants will leave this class with a new, unique box of tools that will help them take their writing to the next level.

Join live on October 5 at Noon Central Time. Recording also available.

Memoir Success Online Summit

We are proud to present our second online summit, this time focused on helping you share your story! The event features bestselling authors, agents, editors, and marketers who will provide practical (and inspiring) advice on why the world needs your story, and how you can best write and share it.

Speakers include:

  • New York Times Bestselling author Ruth Wariner
  • Author Tracy Strauss
  • Author Rachael Herron
  • Author and writing instructor Marion Roach Smith
  • Writer & editor Allison Williams
  • Literary agent Renee C. Fountain
  • Author and marketing expert Dan Blank

Get lifetime access to ALL sessions for only $45. Click here for more information.

Historical Fiction Online Summit

Join us to take your historical fiction to the next level. All sessions are recorded and available to view at your convenience. This online summit will help you:

  • Improve your writing with advice from bestselling authors
  • Identify exactly the story you need to tell and how to do it
  • Weave history into your story in a manner that grabs readers while remaining accurate
  • Determine what literary agents want to see (and not see!)
  • Develop your audience even before your book is finished

Get lifetime access to ALL sessions for only $45. Click here for more information.

Eureka Springs Writers’ Lunch

2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
Noon CT
Pizza Hut, 2048 E. Van Buren, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

We have lunch at the Pizza Hut followed by varied activities or guest speakers to keep your creative mind turning and encouraged with a fun evening of fellowship.

Writers’ Lunch is open to anyone who has an interest in writing. We’d love to meet you and discuss your writing goals and dreams.

Why Stories Matter

~Stories Connect Us

In a world in which connection is both increasingly global and increasingly superficial, a story, told well, shares the author’s view of the world, helping us understand a person whose culture or background is far different from our own.

~Stories Heal Us

One of our students is writing a memoir of a difficult childhood in which he always believed his father abandoned him. Researching the memoir helped him reconnect with his father and learn the other side of the story. Writing the memoir helped release years of pain. Many studies have shown the healing aspect of writing.

~Stories are our Legacy

“Every time an old person dies,” Alex Haley said, “it’s like a library burns.” Every day we lose valuable history when people fail to tell their stories. History is more than just wars and kings. History is the life of a real person in a particular time.

~What’s Your Story?

Almost 90% of Americans say they have a story to tell. Writing is more popular than ever. Yet the readability and salability of these stories could be greatly improved by some understanding of the elements of creative writing. Whether you simply want to leave a legacy for your grandchildren or become the next Harper Lee, the Village Writing School wants to help you save your story.