Writing Your Own Website

Tuesday, April 11
Price: $25

Whether you’re creating your own website or providing content for your website designer, it’s important for a small business owner to understand what makes a good website. This course is for any small business owner—including self-published authors—who want to learn best practices for their website’s content. This is the second workshop in this three part series.

Seating is limited so make sure you register here.

Simplifying the Art of Business Blogging

Tuesday, May 9
Price: $25

Have you been told you need a blog to attract attention to your website and business? Marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

This seminar will simplify how to make that happen so you can get on your way to better business success. The information will help small business owners either be prepared to start a business blog or will help them understand what to look for in a blog written by a freelance writer. This is the third workshop in this three part series.

Seating is limited so make sure you register here.

You Can Publish Now!

Saturday, April 22
Price: $25

It’s a Brave New World for the publishing industry as it attempts to keep pace with the digital age. The technology boom has markedly broadened the world for today’s writers. Learn the new methods of publishing novels, poetry, memoirs, and short stories. Choose the best method for your writing and let’s get you published now.

Seating is limited so make sure you register here.

Writers’ Night Out

Writers’ Night Out is a bi-monthly gathering of local writers and anyone interesting in beginning to write. We meet to encourage, inspire and support one another on our writing journeys. Evenings may include writing activities, guest speakers, open mics, and other programs specifically for writers. Everyone welcome. 

Why Stories Matter

~Stories Connect Us
In a world in which connection is both increasingly global and increasingly superficial, a story, told well, shares the author’s view of the world, helping us understand a person whose culture or background is far different from our own.

~Stories Heal Us
One of our students is writing a memoir of a difficult childhood in which he always believed his father abandoned him. Researching the memoir helped him reconnect with his father and learn the other side of the story. Writing the memoir helped release years of pain. Many studies have shown the healing aspect of writing.

~Stories are our Legacy
“Every time an old person dies,” Alex Haley said, “it’s like a library burns.” Every day we lose valuable history when people fail to tell their stories. History is more than just wars and kings. History is the life of a real person in a particular time.

~What’s Your Story?
Almost 90% of Americans say they have a story to tell. Writing is more popular than ever. Yet the readability and salability of these stories could be greatly improved by some understanding of the elements of creative writing. Whether you simply want to leave a legacy for your grandchildren or become the next Harper Lee, the Village Writing School wants to help you save your story.


The twofold mission of the Village Writing School is to help beginning and established writers develop their craft and to foster a vibrant literary community in the Northwest Arkansas region.


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